Detectives in Action: Leak Squad

Rosin Creek Collaborative Leak Detection

There is something special that we do and that is we are “leak detectives”. We are particularly good at finding and resolving leaks of any kind…windows, doors, roofs, basements, crawl spaces.

With new construction or rehabilitation constructing a water proofed structure is a given. But older structures suffer the vicissitudes of time or were not planned well to being with. With this in mind we have both a troubleshooting procedure we follow for finding the leak behind a needed construction repair and ways to determine the best “fix”.  This is our Dry Home Protection program.

We use state-of-the-art leak detection equipment and technology to detect leaks quickly and with pinpoint accuracy. Our non-destructive, and non- invasive leak detection services are available on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, the Annapolis area and Delaware.

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